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Today we are going to be sharing the amazing power of logo design for your business. But first, let us learn a bit about logos.

So what is a logo?

A logo is an emblem, a graphic design, or symbol that serves to convey your business’s identity and vision to the public. Logos can be in the form of texts, images, shapes, or a combination of the three. In summary, you can say a logo is simply a visual representation of who you are as a corporate entity.

But mind you, your business logo is not your brand. A brand is a collective of the public’s general perception, experience, and reputation of a business. Interestingly, logos are an integral part of your brand—more so—a tangible graphic expression of your business.

5 importance of logo design for businesses.

Creates a Strong First Impression

Your logo introduces your brand to the consumers. A logo paints an impression of what your brand is all about which in turn connects a potential customer to your brand. A powerful logo animation creates a potent first impression that piques the customers interest and entices them to discover more about the business.

According to a Forbes report, they found out that you and your business have a mere seven-second window to create a good first impression. That’s a short amount of time right? Imagine such a small window to either make it or break it with your brand. No need to panic though, because it also means that your logo has the potential to prompt people to make snap judgment and interact with you. 

Imagine cruising through the city on a brawling stomach and you spot some food and drink logos from a nearby diner. Your first thought would be to stop for a quick bite even before getting to your destination. That is the enchanting power of logos.

On the other hand, the absence of a logo casts a big shadow on your identity and ability to trust, which can alienate prospective customers. It does not matter if your products are of the highest grade of quality, nor does it matter that your customer services team is extremely competent. If you are unable to create a decent first impression, it directly influences your ability to grow your business. 

Sets You Apart From The Competition

Some symbols have come to represent particular industries or products and have become household names. A great example is how the Apple logo has come to mean the best quality products. Very simple yet powerful; a bitten apple that has clearly distinguished it from every other product whether in phone manufacturing (consumer electronics), computers, software, online services, or other technologies. Now a good number of people want a bite of apple products!

So, a good logo intimately reflects who you are, and what you stand for, but it should ultimately distinguish you from everybody else. 

Your brand, business, and products deserve to be seen. Therefore it needs a logo that speaks clearly about you and your business. A good logo should dare to be different.

Strengthens Your Professionalism

We live in the 21st century where businesses are highly competitive. For your business to be considered and effective in the world of commerce, there are specific principles and attributes that your business has to adopt. These principles and attributes assure your brand the ability to gain your potential customers’ trust, increase the probability of conversion, and foster loyalty.

Reliability, product quality, and satisfying customer services are major signifiers of a company’s professionalism. However, your logo plays an equally if not a more important role, to embody the company’s professionalism. This simply means your logo should carry and be a pointer to how you handle business, your attention to detail, and your focus on quality among others.

Without a logo, it fosters distrust and a lack of seriousness. It depicts disregard and lack of business ethics on your part, thereby losing valuable customers and profitable sales.

Makes Your Brand Memorable

Has the sweet aroma of a baked pie awakened a happy childhood memory of dinner time with your family surrounded by love, arguing about who gets the larger share? I think we have all been there where a symbol or thing triggers a memory or feeling. In the same way, your logo should be memorable and imprint on your audience.

Logos are the symbols that customers use to recognize your brand and as such you’ll want people to instantly connect the sight of your logo with the memory of what your company does – and, more importantly, how it makes them feel.

Many people may forget the name of your business, but they can immediately recognize your business, what services you offer, and your brand by your logo. So make it memorable, catchy, and relatable.

Logo Can Be Used As A Marketing Tool

In this highly digital world, people are highly connected on online platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other platforms. Targeting these platforms is a must to be a profitable business in this 21st century and your custom logo design plays a vital role in the marketing of your company.

Your brand name appears side by side with your logo on any digital platform which is like a name without a face (like an imaginary friend only you can see). Your logo introduces you to your market audience and so it is an effective marketing tool to get the best out of your online presence.

Wrap Up

There you have it guys. We’ve just shared with you 5 importance of logo design for businesses. The benefits you get by implementing a powerful logo can never go overstated. We at Logos by Maria are making it easy for businesses and corporate entities to access the kind of professional logos to take their brands to a new height. We are the go-to source for financial institution logos, beauty and cosmetics logos, fashion logos, etc. Check out our tastefully crafted designs here to give your business that competitive advantage.

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